“Grout Once” Additive Grout Sealer

Tile is a great application for homes, businesses, patios, walkways, and main traffic areas, however the grout joints can be a maintenance issue down the road. Unsealed grout can lead to discoloration, stains, efflorescence (lime or calcium deposits transfer to grout shading is white), and mold and mildew issues.  Grout can be a nuissance to clean and really takes away from the beauty of the tile if the grout is ugly, soiled and dirty.

Competition Flooring and Remodeling is always looking for products that will eliminate these issues. Tile flooring is an investment  that should last a lifetime. According to the Tile Council Of North America a properly installed tile floor should last 50 years or more.  That is why we make sure our customer’s are informed with the latest products that are available.

We introduce a  new product called “Grout Once” made by Vanhearron.  This product is a sealer that is added to the grout instead of water. The Sealer is mixed directly into the grout, eliminating the maintenance hassles of having to seal the grout topically. A good topical sealer would need to be reapplied in 5 years or less depending on the traffic situation. Grout Once eliminates this maintenance totally. Thus giving our customer’s a long lasting beauty of their tile floors for years to come.

We have used this product with 3 different customer’s that were willing to try out this product. They are very pleased with the results.  All 3 customers have said that the grout shows no indication of soil, and the tile grout joints clean very easily.  Our tile installation crews are happy with the ease of application. There were no efflorescence issues, no sticky residue on the tile, and clean up was much easier.  We recommend this product for  our future customer’s that are concerned about maintenance issues.

Grout Once Features

  • Eliminates topical Sealers
  • Eliminates Fungus Growth
  • Eliminates Mold and Mildew Growth
  • Economical
  • Prevents efflorescence
  • Provides a Maintenance Free Grout System
  • Grout Joints are sealed from top to bottom
  • Easy additive to any sanded or unsanded grout
  • Easy Cleanup for initial installation
  • Simple Additive Mix

Competition Flooring stocks, sells and utilizes Grout Once. Contact us at 713-528-7847.

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