Converting a Bathtub into a Stand Up Shower

Competition Flooring offers a solution to bath tub shower conversions.  Most people never use a bathtub to take a bath. We have gotten opinions from several of our customer’s over the years that bathing makes them feel dirty.  For these customer’s we removed the bathtub and installed a water proofed stand up shower. 

 Our shower system is a water proof solution.  This conversion system is acceptable for concrete slab or wood sub-flooring installation.  Most bath tubs are 60 inches length by 32 inches in width. We use a water proof pre sloped Schluter system tray and Schluter curb  that  that adapts to the tub size 32″ x 60″ that includes an off center drain opening.  No concrete or shower pan is necessary. The  Schluter tray is made of polystyrene and is 100% Water proof  that will prevent any type of mold or mildew growth.  Once the tray is installed we adapt the kerdi drain system. This drain is 12″ in diameter. The design of this drain is unlike any other that will prevent water instrusion from going underneath it.   Waterproofing kerdi membrane is installed on top of the tray that will allow for tile installation. An unglazed mosaic tile is recommended. 

For the shower walls 1/2″ Kerdi Board is installed. Kerdi board is constructed with the same type of material as the tray system polystyrene along with kerdi membrane. Kerdi board is light weight, and fastened every 12 inches with 2 inch screws and washers to the studs. Kerdi Board eliminates the use of concrete board or dry wall.  Kerdi board walls are ready for tile installation once it has been installed. 


Competition Flooring are experts with bath tub to shower conversions. We offer a turnkey bathroom remodeling solution. Our experienced master plumber sets the drain system, and plumbing fixtures. So there is no need for our customer’s to hire their own.  Our tile installers have years of experience installing wall tile, mosaic tile, and the schluter shower system conversion. Give us a call at 713-528-7847 to explore your bathroom remodeling options today.

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