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Sisal Carpeting is one of the best ways to combat allergies. The sisal fiber is naturally hypoallergenic. There are no chemicals, oils or gassy fumes that emit from this type of carpet. They style Livos is one of the most popular collections for sisal carpets. It features a tight weave strand, available in 13′ 2″ roll goods, and has 8 beautiful colors to choose from. Down below are the 8 colors of the Livos series collection. Use Livos as a custom area rug, Hallway Runner, Stair Case Runner, or install wall to wall. The possibilities are endless!

Choose the type of binding colors, and style for custom made area rug and runners: Basket Weave Linen Binding, Chenille Premium Binding, Cotton Canvas Binding, Wide Cotton Binding, and Linen Boucle Binding.

Livos Sisal Colors

  • 100 Alabaster
  • 145 Essential Gray
  • 134 Humble Tan
  • 153 Chivalry
  • 180 Hopsack
  • 121 Cognac
  • 197 Lodge
  • 131 Macadamia

Care & Maintenance

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