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Columbia Hardwood Flooring Chatham

Columbia Hardwood Flooring  is a USA manufacturer that produces quality hardwood flooring. They manufacture the style Chatham.  Chatham is a 5 inch wide plank with a sculpted edge, that is available in a 3/4 inch solid wood floor or 1/2 inch engineered wood floor.  Chatham is an aged, and distressed wood enhanced by the vibrant beauty of the natural characteristics of the wood: Knots, Mineral Streaks, and all  the wood’s imperfections.  Choose from the species of wood: Ash, Hickory, Maple, American Cherry, and Walnut.  Each of the different type of species identifies the genuine character of that wood.  Choose from 13  Chatham colors of hardwood flooring down below.

Columbia Hardwood Flooring Chatham: Species, Style and Colors

  • Straw Hickory Solid: CTH510 Engineered: CTH510F
  • Canoe Hickory Solid: CTH513 Engineered: CTH513F
  • Sandpiper Hickory Solid: CTH506 Engineered: CTH506F
  • Boardwalk Walnut Solid: CTW510 Engineered: CTW510F
  • Pier Walnut Solid: CTW506 Engineered: CTW506F
  • Dockside Maple  Solid: CTM514  Engineered: CTM514F
  • Brick Maple Solid: CTM515 Engineered: CTM515F
  • Coral Embers Cherry Solid: CTC512 Engineered: CTC512F
  • Currant Cherry Solid: CTC511 Engineered: CTC511F
  • Sunkissed Ask Solid: CTA510 Engineered: CTA510F
  • Antiqued Linen Ash Solid: CTA509 Engineered: CTA509F
  • Shoreline Ash Solid: CTA507 Engineered: CTA507F

Chatham Specifications

  • Widths: 5″ (Solid),  5″ (Engineered) 5″
  • Thickness: 3/4″ (Solid);  1/2″ (Engineered)
  • Shade Variation: High
  • Photosensitivity: Walnut – 4, Cherry – 7, Maple – 2, Ash – Stable, Hickory – 3
  • Hardness Rating: Walnut – 1010, Cherry – 950, Maple – 1450, Ash – 1320, Hickory 1574
  •  Square Feet Per Box: 19.0 (Solid), 22.5 (Engineered)

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