Sherwin Williams Acrylic Paint

At Competition Flooring and Remodeling, we have had 100’s of paint projects over the years. We have had the opportunity to work with many different paint manufacturers.  From the bottom and top of the line.  We have found using a lower grade paint actually cost just as much as using a higher grade. Lower grade coatings are watered down, and do not have as much pigment to cover the walls. So our painters actually spend more time covering the walls with several more coats.

Our favorite and recommended interior paint coating is Sherwin Williams Acrylic paint coating. Super Paint covers the wall exceptionally well, and hides flaws that are in the drywall alot better. Especially with older homes that have had several coats of paint over the years. The acrylic surface gives the consumer a better cleaning surface, if the wall happens to get soiled.

Sherwin Williams manufacturers a step up above Super Paint. Its named Duration. Duration is an acrylic paint as well, that does come with a substantial price difference. Most of the darker colored paints are only available in the Duration line. We have seen no difference with quality between Duration and Super Paint.

We demand quality paint for our customer’s. Sherwin Williams Super Paint is our choice for quality.

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