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Design Materials:

Natural Fiber is a green alternative to man made produced carpeting. There are no petroleum, oils, or high emission chemicals added. Sisal, Reed, Seagrass, Mountain Grass, and Wool are excellent design materials that can be installed wall to wall over padding or glued down ,made into area rugs,or Stair Runners. These materials are known for its durability, resilience, and appearance. Come and take a look at our wonderful selection.

Natural Fibers are:

Anti - Allergenic

Allergies are on the rise around the world. Exposure to synthetic materials is felt to be a possible contributor. Wool fibers are too long and too course to be inhaled and, being a natural fiber, won't give off harmful emissions. Wool has a breathable fiber structure that does not promote the growth of bacteria or dust mites.

Easy to Clean

Wool is a naturally soil and stain resistant fiber. Wool fibers have developed these properties over centuries to keep sheep clean in their harsh rugged environments. On the floor, wool carpets repel stains and soiling, keeping them on top of the pile for ease of cleaning.

Environmentally Friendly

Wool is sustainable, biodegradable and a rapidly renewable resource that has the least environmental impact of all the carpet fibers. Wool is the only carpet fiber made without petroleum; a finite and non- biodegradable resource. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and often choose products that have minimal impact.

A Natural Fiber

Consumer preference for natural products can be seen in all areas of retail. Whether they eat, wear, sit, or walk on it, consumers prefer stylish, quality natural products and will look to them first when considering a purchase. When it comes to carpet, wool has its advantages that synthetics can't match. Wool is the natural fiber for carpets and sets the bar for others.


Nothing compares to the pleasure of soft wool carpet under your foot. Today's focus on the home environment means your customers are spending more time relaxing and entertaining in their homes. The continuing move towards an informal lifestyle means that feet are often bare and carpeted floor is for sitting and lying on to watch the big screen TV or read the paper.


The natural crimp of wool allows it to spring back quickly after compression and retain its original shape. The crucial performance characteristic ensures woolen carpets look good for longer, even in high traffic areas. Museums are filled with fine examples of wool rugs dating back to hundreds of years.


The natural crimp of wool also creates millions of tiny pockets that trap air and act as the ideal insulator. The trapped air helps maintain a constant temperature in both hot and cold weather in a way that no synthetic fiber has ever done. This phenomenal trait allows sheep to live in environments ranging from freezing mountainous areas to arid desert plains.


Those same millions of air pockets make wool a great insulator; look around next time your are in a concert hall and you will often see it used on floors, walls and seats to create the best acoustics. In the home, wool carpet minimizes sound transmissions between floors and rooms.


Wool's fiber structure and natural tendency to absorb moisture form the environment mean that it is one of the hardest fibers to ignite and the easiest to extinguish. Drop a burning cigarette on wool carpet and the charred tips of the fiber can be simply brushed away, leaving perhaps a slight scorch mark rather than melting.

Anti Static

Wools ability to absorb moisture prevents the build up of static electricity. This is an important comfort characteristic in the home and practical one in the offices containing computer and electrical equipment.

Mountain Grass, Seagrass, Sisal, And Wool. We can Install Wall to Wall, or Custom Make Area Rugs. Slip Resistant Area Rug Padding, Fringe, and Binding Made To Fit

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